OKA the APP is a project currently in development that aims to use the scientifically proven effects of group meditation and positive thinking. This type of thinking is gaining steam in public opinion if you were to dig into some research.  Experiments where the number of participating meditators reached the square root of 1% of a population, there is a change is frequency between them and there are visible positive effects. Reaching this number is considered reaching "critical mass" in the Maharishi Effect. 


If you take the time to look into it, you will most likely see the need for something like this. It is important to us, and hope you take the time to consider it’s potential.


The idea is that if enough people globally joined in moments of positive thinking, meditation, or prayer regarding a specific topic, there is a change in frequency in the environment creating positive change. The concept can be introduced in a video by John Hagelin entitled Can group meditation bring World Peace?


So how can we make this available to be utilized on a global scale? Our free app will have a rotating topic, or “drip”. So if you are looking at it within a certain window of time, you will be positively thinking about the topic simultaneously with the many others who are taking time out of their day to create positive change. So if the topic is the violence in the world, think PEACE. If the topic is a drought-ridden village in Central Africa, think RAIN for the region.


This movement is not about divisions in religion, or religion at all. It is about the proven affects of unifying our intentions. If you are religious, pray for the topic and consider this the largest group prayer taking place. If you are spiritual consider this a large group meditation. If you are an atheist then consider the possibility that there is a scientific explanation to be unearthed, and simply think positively about the topic of intent.


This project is reaching completion, and will be released to the public starting with IOS systems, with Android following soon. If anyone is interested in this project please find more on our website or our Facebook page. We are looking for inspired individuals to jump on board and donate your talents to making this create the change it is capable of.